Thursday, November 20, 2008

Skywatch 19

It's been a great week for sky watching in Woodstock, Ontario. This first photo is a "view from here" (here, being my office window).
Saturday, November 15, looking out and up from my diningroom window.
November 19th, 7:13 am looking east from my front walk.
also taken November 19th, looking east but at 7:30am - it's amazing how quickly the colour of the sky changes.
November 20th, 7:29 am looking west through the snow covered trees.
Happy Skywatch Friday everyone!


  1. Beautiful! Love the golde3n one!
    Cheers, Klaus

  2. Beautiful collection espcailly the pretty in pink.

  3. Like all of these photos. Great series for sky watch.

  4. Very nice view from your office!
    Nice shots!
    Happy Skywatch!!

  5. man oh man oh man these are stunning!

  6. They are all so pretty, but I really like the pink one!
    I just read your latest post- the one with the fiberglass cows. Love them! I want one! In Olean, NY which is about 40 minutes from here, they have a great bunch of fiberglass squirrels. They are placed in front of various businesses and dressed accordingly.
    My skywatch post is here Hope you can stop by!

  7. You caught so many beautiful skies all in the same week. Absolutely wonderful!