Saturday, November 22, 2008

Winter in the country

For the past eight years or so I've enjoyed an annual tradition with my friend Marilyn Avey - we hit the road together for a Saturday in November. The first few trips we went to a lovely craft fair in the village of St. Jacobs. Then we switched to a craft fair in Tillsonburg for 2 or 3 years. Last year and again this year - today, in fact - we've gone to Coyle's Country Store just north of Tillsonburg. This trip always affords me a wonderful opportunity to take photos out in the country and today it was a snowy trip so everything had a soft, gentle look. Enjoy.

This series of photos was taken on Highway 59, County Road 13 and Plank Line Road.
Something to celebrate - this is my 150th post!


  1. We had snow most of yesterday but nothing stayed on the ground and by this morning when the sun came out, all gone.
    It's great that you do this with your friends! Excellent tradition and one that we started last year, but we stay at a friend's house and go shopping from there and come home. Still . . . it's good!

  2. We were luck with our snowfall - a very manageable amount. Arkona, which is west of here apparently got about 80cm of the white stuff! Egads, that's too much too soon. Cheers from here.

  3. Rambling through Skywatch Friday, and found your blog. Lovely photos, but mostly, I want to say thank you for setting my mind at ease. My parents live on Parkinson Road, and when I heard about the snow squall warning, I was concerned. But if that is all the snow you got yesterday, then I can be calm.
    It's kinda odd to see places I can identify on a blog. That has never happened before.
    Thank you.

  4. As usual your pictures are beautiful. I wish I was close enough to do that day trip with you.

  5. cold cold cold but beautifull .........I actually feel cold looking I am going in search of coffee XXX Don