Sunday, December 6, 2009

Today on the trail

I bundled up and walked the Youth Start Trail this afternoon and, while we don't have snow on the ground, it is cold enough for standing water to turn to ice.
On the other hand the moving water is still moving and so are the ducks. I also saw a Great Blue Heron but I wasn't quick enough to catch a photo as it flew off as I approached.
Goldenrod gone to seed.
And I took this shot of a male Downy Woodpecker right in our own garden at a suet feeder.


  1. Elaine! such beautiful photos! Love the ice!

  2. Oh my gosh, I am just overwhelmed with how fantastic your photos are. The one with the ducks already had my full attention, but the woodpecker picture has got to be the winner in my mind, it is just stunning!! Brrr, if the water is freezing in your area it must be really cold! Not that cold here yet, but plenty wet with rain. It is such a terrible time of year for weather in this part of the world. I guess I can't complain about the mild temps though. Have a happy Tuesday. warmly, Debby

    (thank you for your loving comment about the loss of our dear rooster. All the support the comments gave to me sure helped heal the letting-go process).

  3. Always a little treat waiting for me when when I visit. I love the banner and the ice photo is magnificent.

    I somehow knew Gray would be donned in something Christmas.

  4. You have such a good eye for what makes a great picture. All very delightful.

    Unlike your river, ours is frozen over (which is probably what you might expect when the thermometer hits -37). I've got some pix on my "Chrome" blog -- ice complete with a flock of geese.

  5. Beautiful shots, they give me the feeling for the season. I particularly like the goldenrod gone to seed. Love your header photo.