Saturday, August 6, 2016

Part one of a great birding day - we drove past the osprey nest site in London and lo and behold, both Lois and Clarke were close by. Lois is in the first photo next to the nest - I was able to confirm ID by her numbered leg band. Clarke was a short distance south on Clarke Road on the top of a hydro tower. This is gives us hope that they will be back to the nest next spring even though they didn't raise any chicks this year.
The last time we saw this pair was on May 21st so we'd pretty much given up hope of seeing them again this year. This was a nice surprise.

Part two of a great birding day - we spotted five Great White Egrets at the southeast end of the Brick Ponds on Springbank Road here in Woodstock. Beautiful!


  1. I love watching the ospreys near our cabin. One nest has been abandoned, but the other was used again this year. - Margy

  2. Elaine, nicely done~! Beautiful pics.