Sunday, April 19, 2015

This weekend in birds

A pair of Toulouse Geese doing their morning yoga at Southside Park.

Sorry for the grainy shot, but this pair of Buffleheads (foreground l-r male, female) weren't inclined to come any closer to the shore at the Southside Park pond

A serene moment on the shore at Southside.

And finally, (l-r) Clarke and Lois surveying the neighbourhood while they do some housekeeping at their London nest.


  1. How wonderful to see Lois and Clarke back again.
    Big, big smiles.

  2. yay...the birds are back. Here in town the Canada Geese are slowing traffic as they waddle across the streets and the nesting platforms at the Guelph lake are all full.

  3. We've got lots of birds back as well. The tree swallows are checking out the new birdhouses that our friend John built for us, the geese are fighting for territory and/or mates, and the Mergansers just keep floating by. I'm waiting for the barn swallows to arrive. I hope they nest at the cabin again. - Margy

  4. That last shot is great - so lovely to see them back.