Sunday, July 20, 2014

Osprey chicks

Finally!  Proof that there are two chicks in the nest at Fanshawe and Clarke Roads in London, Ontario.  We stopped by to check the nest today and found two little heads bobbing up and down, being fed their fish dinner.


  1. Any fries with that fish lol?
    We have two occupied nests out by the Guelph Lake...only one chick by the looks of it in nest 1 and no idea about nest 2 but the mother was fanning them the last time we went by.

    1. Hi Delores! It was so exciting for us to finally see the chicks. We've been keeping an eye on the nest since late April. Yesterday we saw 6 Turkey Vultures on a tree top drying their wings after a hard rain. It looked like a scene out of a horror movie!