Friday, May 17, 2013

Today on the trail

The leave are really starting to fill in so its becoming more of a challenge to see the perching birds.  I was lucky enough to spot this Gray Catbird in the open.

This family outing was a little unusual in my experience.  Canada Geese generally lay a clutch of 2-8 eggs, but it appears that this pair only has one gosling.


  1. I wonder if this is an aging pair or if something horrendous happened to the rest of the family.

  2. Oh goodness, don't tell me even geese are opting for smaller families these days!!

  3. I love the way that are keeping this gosling safe - and hope that they can continue. Gorgeous photo - and stunning green.

  4. Oh I love the picture of the geese-- I've never seen just one baby before-- so special! Your outings always produce the best photos!!