Monday, May 27, 2013

Bird woes

After teasing us for one brief morning at the beginning of the month, the darned Mourning Doves set up their nest next door again.  They have another pair of chicks about to fledge soon.

We have had a Robin's nest behind the crook of a downspout on the back of the house and we've watched the parents comings and goings.  Last night our neighbour witnessed a squirrel shimmy up the downspout and the rat with good PR knocked the two babies out of the nest and they fell two stories to the grass.  I did see one of the parents feed a baby on the grass but didn't see any sign of the second one.  I doubt they made it through the cool weather overnight.  I know this is all part of what critters do but I still hate to see it.

On the bright side, our resident chipmunk (Adrian) is thriving and stuffs his fat little face at the bird feeder multiple times each day.  And last night just as it was getting dark, Geoff spied two fat toads in The Secret Garden.  So all's not doom and gloom.

Happy Monday, everyone.


  1. We have had to discourage the robins from nesting over the spotlight on the back deck.....they get a little territorial when nesting and IS our deck you know? The cardinals are back though and nesting in the cedars at the back of the yard. I love hearing their cheery calling back and forth.

  2. You live in a little nature habitat!! The story about the birds breaks my heart :(

    What's wrong with those silly doves?? Don't they know a prime piece of real estate when they see it!!

    Sending hugs-

  3. What foolish Mourning Doves. I am so sorry about the Robins. Natural as you say, but I also hate to see things like that.
    A chipmunk? Oooh. Can we have some photos some time? Please?

  4. Hi Elephant's Child! I actually saw 2 Chipmunks in our garden early this morning so I think Adrian has a little buddy. Here's a link for a photo of Adrian from 2010, showing his best side:

    Have a great day!

  5. Thank you so much for that link - he is enchanting.