Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Looking back at Cuba

When our niece, Amanda, invited us to her destination wedding in Cuba I feared I'd end up frying in the sun. 

My hair is more blonde than red these days but I still have a red-head's complexion which means I have two skin tones - white (normal) or red (after sun exposure).  As luck should have it, I was able to find plenty of shade at Iberostar's Playa Alameda resort and read three murder mysteries on my e-reader during our week-long stay.

Walking first thing in the morning was a cool, pleasant option and the perfect opportunity to see Morning Glories in bloom.

Murphy's Law dictated that there was rain on the day of the wedding so the actual ceremony was held indoors but Amanda and Jimmy didn't seem to mind.

On the way to the beach for the official photos Bridesmaid, and sister of the groom, Courtney, hitched a ride on the back of her brother, Best Man, Nicholas.

Waiting around between photos, my brother Rob posed for me with his daughter's bridal bouquet.  I liked his logic "I paid for 'em, I might as well have a photo with 'em!"

Our niece Sarah was busy as Maid of Honour for her sister but managed to find time to take a taste of her Uncle Geoff's "fish" tie.  Seriously, my husband has over 200 neckties and this is the one that made it to Cuba for the wedding....

The wedding was on Tuesday which left us lots of time to chill out and relax before everyone headed home on Saturday.

Geoff, Rob and I took a quick trip into Varadero where we saw a variety of modes of transport - a horse drawn carriage, a scooter and a "lemon taxi".

But, hands down, the most interesting vehicles in Cuba are the 50+ year old cars.

We rode back to the resort in a 1956 Chev - my brother had a great conversation with our driver about the condition of the car.

We had a wonderful week and I would actually go back again.  Something I never imagined I'd ever say about a hot destination.  Go figure.


  1. The old cars look great but I think I'd like a ride in a lemon.

  2. Sounds like a great trip. When I was in high school, a red and white 57 Chevy was considered a great car for cruising. Wayne would love to go to Cuba, but with our US citizenship we can't do that. Guess we'll stick to our Powell Lake cabin. - Margy

  3. What a wonderful week away. I love your brother holding the bouquet and your husband's tie is a complete hoot.

  4. Dear Elaine-- I have LOVED reading about your trip!! Your photos are beautiful. You must have been so happy to share such a wonderful event with all of your family. I laughed out loud at the picture of your brother and the bridal bouguet-- he is right!! He looks like you--

    The old cars are amazing-- chalk this up to climbing even higher on my bucket list--- lucky you!!
    Have a wonderful Easter!!
    Ps-- hubby and I are stupidly addicted to watching Doc Martin series!!

  5. Vicki, Doc Martin should be listed as a substance because addiction is definitely a problem. I love Martin Clunes.

  6. Hi Elaine ditto to all the above I love the tie shot,, XXX Don