Monday, March 25, 2013

Bird sightings in Cuba

We were in Cuba this past week for my niece's wedding and I added 3 new birds to my life list  while staying at Iberostar's Playa Alameda resort.

The Greater Antillean Grackle looks quite menacing in its "ruff-out" pose.

But looks much more sedate when its just hanging out at the fountain, having a drink

I had daily visits from Palm Warblers - they dined on insects they found under the Hibiscus hedge in front of our patio.

Here's a closer look.

My final "lifer" was the Cattle Egret and we saw several around the resort and on the road to and from Varadero.

We did wonder though if we'd had some stowaways in our luggage on the way to Cuba.  The most plentiful birds we saw?  Mourning Doves and House Sparrows and we have a neighbourhood full of those at home!

This Mourning Dove was pretending to be injured - maybe it was trying to distract me from a nearby nest.

This female House Sparrow was feasting on Hibiscus buds.

And this male House Sparrow was feeding on bread crumbs I'd left for him.

I also saw Eastern Kingbirds and I'd only had a couple of previous sightings.

I was pleased with the new birds added to my list and also with the photos taken with my new Canon Powershot SX500IS - it's a great little camera.


  1. Beautiful shots.

  2. Beautiful shots, beautiful birds. The puffed out grackle looks so different to its sleek self. Thank you.

  3. nice shots! killdeers also act injured to distract you and lead you away from the nest. I bet Cuba is a gorgeous place.

  4. beautiful. ...hope you had a fabulous time!!!!

  5. What beautiful shots, Cuba must have been so interesting to visit.

  6. Love your shots especially the fountain ones. Cuba must have been amazing!

  7. I absolutely LOVE Grackles! So many different "songs." I wouldn't even call them songs, but what else to call them?