Sunday, May 27, 2012

Follow-up: Street art in Thamesford

Back on April 30th I posted about stopping to chat with Dave Clarke while he was creating chalk art of a wolf on the sidewalk in Thamesford.

Recently as we drove through Thamesford again, I noticed the finished piece of art and thought it would be fun to show you the completed wolf.

 In the interim, the artist has also added this fun piece.

While we are on the topic of art, here is a still life found in our front hallway - Gray decided that Geoff‘s guitar case was an appropriate perch.


  1. While the chalk art is lovely, I prefer the shot of the cat.

  2. Chalk art is such fun. Makes you watch your step. Don't cats just love to claim things that are not in their proper places? - Margy

  3. The rain in Thames(ford) stays mainly off the sidewalk!

  4. Geoff is talented, isn't he? Gray is just purrfectiom in your still life. That photo is a keeper!