Sunday, October 4, 2009

Puppy love

Our neighbour, Tori, is the proud owner of this adorable Labradoodle - her name is Josie. Geoff took both of these photos yesterday, just after Tori had picked up her new bundle of joy.

Who could resist this face?


  1. I wouldn't be able to resist that face. Great photos.

  2. She is too cute for words...looks more Labra than Doodle! What does Nitrous think of this?

  3. What? Dogs! Gray must be steaming.

    Wonderful study of "Woman's best friend."

    You really captured those puppy-dog eyes.

    Skipper is strutting around the house bragging to all the cats about how he is pictured under Gray. He now wants me to make him a little Canadian flag scarf to wear around his neck. "Oh, Catada."

    For those of you who don't know know the story, Skipper took control of the computer while we were away and became pen pals with Gray. Oh,what "tales" they will have to "tale."