Sunday, June 29, 2014

A visit to the Osprey nest

Wow, it was hot and sticky today.  Enough whining though, as we spent the afternoon in an air conditioned cinema watching The Grand Seduction (great fun!) while Lois (below) sat on her chicks in the heat and ....

.......called out to Clarke who was sitting on a hydro pole across the street with a freshly caught fish.

 We stayed and watched for about 10 minutes but he still hadn't shared the meal by the time we left.


  1. I hope Clarke did behave like a gentleman.

  2. That Clarke does look like a mean character. I hope he accepts his responsibilities and helps with those babies! Love the first shot, Elaine.

  3. Those are great shots. We must get out and have a look at the Guelph nest.

  4. We haven't been over to our osprey nest area for a year. Thanks for the reminder to get back. - Margy