Tuesday, January 28, 2014

......but I'm bored............

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Back to the bored part.

Our cat Gray can get incredibly idle. Being an indoor cat he sleeps away a lot of his time anyway but this past weekend he was a little manic.  Here's the story in his words..............

We had a LOT of snow when we woke up Saturday morning so I looked out the bedroom window for awhile.
Then I watched the birds for awhile.

Took a nap.

Awake again!  Time to help with the jigsaw puzzle!

I think opposable thumbs are overrated.

Once we took the puzzle apart and put it away, I was bored again.

I want the iPod!

Ah, yes, a session with the Cat Game app to finish off the afternoon.

And that was how I spent my Saturday.

My name is Gray, I'm handsome and I run this house.


  1. Your post made me laugh and the expressions that you got on Gray's face were perfect with what you were saying. Sadly enough, I felt like you were describing my day today. This winter weather is getting to me!

  2. :D I love this! Hi Gray. I have a gray cat too, and he and his three friends run our house as well. It is a cat's place, after all, to look after his humans and make sure that all his own needs are attended to. Blessings, Bird

  3. I think your slave/human should buy you a pet mouse or two lol.

  4. Nothing like a lazy afternoon with animals :) Great snow image!

  5. Too cute!!! We have a stray cat that's been visiting for a few months now.......we named him Charlie, although we could never get real close.......turns out Charlie is a girl, who now has a little ginger kitten that accompanies her around ( if and when you are lucky enough to get a peak ).
    Hugs Sharm

  6. ooooh so darn cute! What a great post and an adorbale CAT.