Sunday, December 22, 2013

Ice Storm 12-22-13

It's a misery of a day here in Southwestern Ontario but the temperature has started to climb a little and some of the ice has dropped from the trees.  Unfortunately many trees and hydro wires will be brought down by this ice scourge.  At this point, thousands of people have lost their hydro, hopefully most of this will be rectified before the temperature to the -11C range tonight.

In the midst of the freezing rain this little Chipping Sparrow was finding a little sustenance on the ground beneath our feeders.  

An idea of the coating of ice we've received.  This is our lilac; I'm hoping it will withstand the weight of the ice.


  1. It's a wide spread misery. We have pockets of hydro outages here in Guelph...we have been fortunate so far on our street.

  2. Birds are wonderfully resourceful they are so tiny yet wonderful at surviving. I hope the tree is OK it looks far from alright covered in ice like that. HAPPY NEW YEAR FROM Don and Heather. XXX