Sunday, July 14, 2013

Canterbury Folk Festival 2013

A few shots from the 2013 Canterbury Folk Festival in Ingersoll.  It was the first appearance at the festival for Newfoundland's "The Once", comprised of l-r: Andrew Dale, Geraldine Hollett and Phil Churchill.  Geoff has a video clip of them performing here.

My friend, Denal Soares was back for her second appearance, accompanied by Dan Davis.

The Canterbury Folk Festival is that rare thing - a free festival.  A few times through the weekend volunteers walk through the crowd collecting change from patrons and this helps defray some of the costs.  But its lovely that money does not have to prohibit anyone from attending and enjoying the festival each year. 

It's also a festival where musicians relax and mingle in the crowd when they aren't on stage.  Here's Lennie Gallant (below center, blue shirt) chatting with Magoo.

Magna Carta, with headliner Chris Simpson (center), delighted the crowd Friday evening.

The weather was hideously hot so I passed on the daytime performances yesterday and today.  I was happiest when the sun set, the temperature cooled and the moon rose as I listened to wonderful music.

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  1. Elaine when I read Canterbury I thought you were in the UK. We live just ten miles from Canterbury and then I discovered it was Ingersoll. It looks great and for free wow that is fantastic. I would loved to have been there I love music, I am officially envious and that dont happen very often.