Sunday, March 31, 2013

Migration of Tundra Swans

Each spring thousands of Tundra Swans migrate north across south west Ontario on route to their summer home in the high tundra.

The last time I posted about the migration we had visited the viewing area at the Aylmer Wildlife Management Area in March 2010 where there is ample opportunity to see large numbers of swans and large numbers of people who are there to see swans.

Yesterday we saw swans and had the view all to ourselves.  Granted we weren't as close to the majestic birds as we would be at the Aylmer site but it was nice to admire them all by ourselves.  We spotted them in a pond at the corner of Highway 2 and Hunt Road.


  1. Until today I had never heard of these beautiful and majestic birds. And today? Two bloggers gift me with photos of them in all their beauty. Thank you so much.

  2. Elaine looks nice and cold there, spring seems very late this year or is it just me fed up with the cold weather? I haven't been out other than for hospital appointments since last year so seeing you photos makes me realise what I have to look forward to when felling better. XX Don

  3. Wow...what a glorious sight.

  4. The swans are beautiful-- that would be quite a sight! Any signs of spring there yet??

  5. isn't that fun to see? here in Michigan we have the Canadian Geese, egrets, herons, and sandhill cranes, and probably the many swans that come during this time of year. and then at the end of the warm season, fall time, they seem to flock up together again to leave.