Thursday, November 22, 2012

Scenes from the past week

We are lucky enough to see this Red-tailed hawk every now and then driving either to or from work.  One benefit of living in a small city where birds,  and not traffic jams, are more the order of the day.  This is my Skywatch shot of the week.

The corn and most of the leaves are gone from this farm on the north side of Highway 401 between Woodstock and Ingersoll, Ontario.

This is the Ingersoll Pipe and Drum Band leading off the Ingersoll Santa Claus Parade.  Children wait to see Santa at the end of the parade.  Me?  I go to see this band at the beginning - I LOVE the skirl of the pipes.


  1. Big fan of the pipe bands myself.

  2. Thanks for sharing your world!

  3. Hi girlfriend-- is it cold up there yet? Lol!! Freezing here today---
    I love your winter photos -- they are always so beautiful.

    Ps-- I love a parade!