Monday, April 23, 2012

Spring garden critter update

We've been having a really bizarre spring here in southwestern Ontario.  A month ago we were having unseasonably warm "patio" weather and today we were back to cold, damp weather with a risk of snow.  Sheesh!

So, I've been looking for other touches of spring.  Tonight we had a sweet little male American Goldfinch flitting back and forth to our feeders.  The soft focus is a result of low light and shooting through the screen on the dining room window.

Yesterday our buddy Adrian Monk, the chipmunk, was stuffing his fat face underneath the feeders.

And for those of you who have followed the story of our nesting Mourning Doves over the past few years (see Mourning Dove History on the side bar), they are back but not on our window sill - they've moved to our neighbour's window.  We live in the middle of a tri-plex and the window sills look pretty much identical so they're happy either way.  Who knows, maybe they'll move back when I put our hanging planters up.  Here's Momma dove keeping the nest warm.


  1. Great pictures, and I love the Gold Finch and the Doves, who I think are terrible nest builders! :-)

    Stay warm, I think cold is just about everywhere it's not supposed to be!

  2. The soft focus on the Goldfinch is perfect. So pleased to see the Mourning Doves are back - and close enough for you to follow their progress for us (I hope).

  3. And this morning the green lace on the trees is covered with a snowy cape. What gives with the weather?

  4. Love the birds and the chipmunk. Thank you - critters I will never see. Spectacular critters I will never see.
    Here we are finally getting cool weather. And I have jonquils out already - three months too early. Weird weather worldwide it seems.

    1. And you have spectacular critters in your part of the world that I have never seen. I hope you are having a wonderful day - weird weather and all!

  5. Oh I love that photo of Mama dove!! We are having the same crazy weather here--- we just got back from 10 days in St Martin and we are freezing here-- cold and rainy!


  6. Still sweet. She looks like she recognizes you.