Thursday, March 29, 2012

Visual treats at the One of a Kind Spring Show & Sale

I'm fortunate enough to be in Toronto for a couple of days and, while Geoff is in meetings, I'm puttering and finding new things that please the eye. 

Today I spent a few hours at the One of a Kind Spring Show and Sale at the Direct Energy Centre, Exhibition Place.  Every now and then I see something that really catches my fancy at a show like this and I take the time to shoot a couple of photos and post about the artisan.

The first work that caught my eye was by Michele Rose .  Michele's goal is to "create peaceful, calming landscapes into which the viewer can escape the demands of everyday life".  There is a certain stillness and serenity about her work. 

Then, I discovered Odile Gova's Woolly Fabulous and fell in love with the brooches she makes by combining felted wool and zippers.  Normally you can find Odile's wee precious things in her etsy shop but it's empty at the moment due to the demand for goods for this show.

And finally, I was completely taken by the beautiful work of Evann Frisque who is a painter and textile artist.  I walked away from this piece and couldn't get it out of my mind so after winding my way through the full show I found my way back to Evann's booth and purchased "Carpe Diem".

Tomorrow I'm off to have lunch with family at Fanny Chadwick's and, if time allows, stop by to visit the Mayan exhibit at the ROM.


  1. Looks like you had fun. Hope you enjoy your purchase. - Margy

  2. What a great show- I'm sure it was an impressive meeting of great artists. I'm drawn to the beautiful paintings also--- and the bird pins are Dirable! So unique. I'm glad you went back to make your purchase- that makes it more special! Looks like a fun way to spend the afternoon.