Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday sightings

It was a beautiful day in our neck of the woods - the temperature got up to around 15C - it was glorious.  

Geoff and I went to Stratford for a drive and stopped at Foster's Inn for lunch - delicious food and a great atmosphere.  

A couple of doors away from Foster's we discovered "your Local Market co-op" .  Here's Geoff picking out some yummy tomatoes.  

They also bake and sell breads and goodies.

And other wonderful treats.

Check it out online or the next time you're in Stratford.


  1. It was a great day wasn't it?

  2. Local markets (or Farmers' Markets as we call them) are great!

  3. I love fresh baked bread! Those loaves are really beautiful, in addition to being tasty I'm sure. - Margy

  4. That food looks amazing. I wish they delivered to New York City!

  5. My stomach began to growl when my eyes focused on the bread.

    After I was hacked I had to give up my old user name and the blogs that went with it. My Birds Blog was among the give-ups.

    So this is the new birds blog and I hope you can come visit. Birds Birds Birds and Birds

  6. Ahh nothing like a farmers market is there!
    Hugs C