Sunday, February 12, 2012

Wintery Sunday drive

We finally had some real winter weather and the evidence is all around. We drove to Ingersoll and back and I captured these drive-by images while Geoff was driving.

These bright green garage doors were a flash of colour on a bright, white day.


  1. Beautiful snow. We had only one storm (at least so far) this year. But winter isn't over yet. Thanks for the nice words on my anniversary post. Now comes the hard work, we have to reapply for our extension. But that should be a lot easier than the first round. - Margy

  2. How lovely. Thank you for taking me on this outing with you.

  3. Snow shots are pretty but I'd be just as happy if I wasn't seeing it out my front window.

  4. Wow, you live in a world of beautiful silver.

  5. The snow is lovely Elaine-- hopefully it won't stay around for long. ( no body does drive by photos like you do!!)

    We've warmed up just a bit down here--- how many days till spring?!!!!

  6. Those doors should be reported. They are so so bright . Hopefully we have left winter behind us over here. The radio reported hedgehogs coming out of hibernation this morning, I hope they are not to early as there islittle food for them to find. XXX Don