Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Two new lifers for me

South Carolina has provided some great birding for me.  Today I added two more to my Life List.

Forster's Tern first winter plumage

Royal Tern (this one looks like it has attitude)


  1. I like that Royal Tern. He/she is one funky looking dude. Congrats on expanding your list.

  2. I guess that attitude of the Royal Tern is why he has 'Royal' in his name! :-)

  3. Neither of them look like birds that would take challenges lightly. Glorious, but more than a little aggressive looking.

  4. You certainly know your birds. I am waiting for your bird book to be published. These beauties would look like on glossy paper.
    I love your simple, yet elegant shell banner.

    Hey to The boys.

  5. Hi Patty, Don't give me too much credit! I have a handy "Birds of South Carolina" folding pocket card. As for the "winter plumage" - if the shape, size, bill and leg colour look right but the plumage looks a bit wonky I go to Google Images and look at photos of the bird, you will often find descriptions like "first winter plumage", "non-breeding plumage" etc. Another excellent site is 10000birds.com. Mike and Corey are great at responding to "What the heck is this?" queries. In fact, a quick email with photo to Mike helped me identify the birds in my Wind Surfing post.

    Hi from Gray to Skipper!

  6. I like the Forster's Tern. South Carolina is wonderful place and you can do many things there.