Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hawk spotting

Did you ever play the children's game "I spy" when you were riding in a car as a child?

Geoff and I play similar car game but it's more like "Spot the hawk". When we're driving through our part of Ontario during fall, winter and spring we count the hawks we see on bare branches, hydro poles and wires and record the information in a log book we keep in the car.

The log book and pen at the ready.

We scan the high branches....

......and bushes.....

and occasionally I'm lucky enough to get a photo as we drive by.

Yesterday on our way to Buffalo we saw 8 hawks, today on the return trip we saw 33. YES 33!!!
At one point we saw 3 in a one minute span. It was a new record for us - the most we'd seen on in one trip before was 29.


  1. That's a big one. I really like the black and white.

  2. Love your header. We get excited if we see one kestrel or one buzzard or half a dozen red kites, so well done:-)

  3. Wow, I still use old-school notebooks too, LOL! Nice job catching that many hawk sightings.

  4. Driving between Bellingham and Vancouver Airport I like to watch for birds. Today I saw two white swans flying in formation and lots of their fellow swans out in a farmer's field. There were also quite a few eagle, some hawks perched on street lights. Usually I see herons stalking the grassy strips next to the road, but none today. And of course, gazillions of seagulls on the ground and flying around. Some farmers must have a huge mess in their fields. But maybe the droppings serve as free fertilizer. - Margy