Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Time in the city

A few iPod Touch shots from my time in Toronto earlier this week.  All were taken and edited with the Camera+ app.

A trip to the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) reminded me of Camelot, Guy of Gisborne, The Three Musketeers and craftsmanship.

Scenes near Ryerson University.

And the CN Tower, shooting south over Grange Park, from inside the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO).


  1. Haven't been to TO in years. I used to go there to visit my girlfriend and we would wander around Yorkville and Nathan Phillips Square at one ever bothered us. Those were the days indeed.

  2. Delores, I puttered in the shops along Bloor and in Yorkville this trip - too rich for my wallet, but fun to do.

  3. Absolutely! You already have the accent so now all you need to do is get a plumed hat and fancy clothes and you're away at the races. Heather might like having a Musketeer in the house.

  4. I have always wondered what it initially feels like to be run through with one of those thin, round, pointed swords?

    And those battles that used to take place. One army fitted out with swords designed to cut a man in half or take off a limb. What was the sound like when those battles went on?

    And those were up close and personal battles — the horrors and screams must have been numbing.

    Not at all like today where a bullet reaches out and kills people up to a mile away from the guy who pulled the trigger — silence.

    I will be the first one to say that you got some good pictures with your camera.