Sunday, October 23, 2011

Today on the trail

As you were all busy today, and couldn't come for a walk with me, I thought I'd share a bit of it with you.

First of all, we've had a LOT of rain since the middle of last week so it's a tad damp in spots.
These two children were braver than me - I wasn't wearing waterproof foot wear and I hate getting my feet wet.

Other than that little obstacle, it was lovely on the trail today.

Most of the remaining leaves are shades of yellow, but there are a few red and orange to be found.

It was very peaceful......

.......with the exception of the seemingly dozens of Robins - it must have been "migration Sunday" for them - they were everywhere!


  1. Looks like you got a lot more rain than we did last week. They warned us, but it fizzled out.

  2. I was about to commission someone to build an ark - man did it pour!

  3. Wasn't sure if that was a trail or one of those amusement park rides for boats inside of bumper rails. We took our quads out today to see if we could find some fall colour, but things are still a bit late. Maybe in a week or so. - Margy

  4. Maybe you'll need to buy an underwater camera! ;)

    This set of pictures is very vibrant. What a great eye you have for composition.

  5. @Powell River Books - this particular section of the trail is concrete with slots in it and rails on the edges the remainder of the trail, probably 70%, is groomed gravel. This is an area that floods every now and then and the slots allow the water to flow through. I'm not sure of the purpose of the rails

  6. We have had rain, when I was still in bed around 4:00 AM and then later, around !0:00 AM. And several showers in between. We don't need it but got it anyway.