Saturday, October 15, 2011

A day out

The last time I did a post entitled "A day out", my friend Lorraine Stevens and I had been to Piecemakers 2010 in St. Mary's, Ontario.

Today our destination was the 4th annual "In the Spirit" Artisan Show and Sale in Avonbank which is southwest of St. Mary's and Stratford. What a find! The venue in an old Avonbank church was only surpassed by the amazing array of items for sale. Everything from jewelry to photography, paintings, purses and totes and on and on. Just delightful. Oh, and there was hot apple cider.

I bought Christmas presents so I can't post about those here - but they're fabulous. Just sayin'...

Aren't these sheep, by Wendy Orr, lovely?  Plus, there was the peace and calm of the original purpose of the building.

A shout-out to Ev Scott, who was one of the organizers and participants. To visit Ev's website, click here.  When you click on her link marked "Newfoundland", you'll understand why I wanted to meet her.


  1. I'm admiring that painting of the sheep.

  2. Delores, it was a beautiful painting and there were others with sheep and some with birds - very pastoral. It was the kind of sale where you'd love to have won a lottery the night before so you could buy everything. That being said, the items were very reasonably price. An excellent event.

    1. I jut stumbled upon this by chance, but the painting of the sheep was painted by my Mother-In-Law Wendy Orr. I am going to have to show her this. I can't tell if you did meet her or not, but I will give you my e-mail address and I can link you two up. This made my day, and I'm sure this will make hers as well!

    2. I just happen to stumble on this site on an accident, but I am glad I did. The painting of the sheep was done by my mother-in-law Wendy Orr. She has a website that you can visit and connect with her. it is:

      She will be thrilled that people are talking about her work!!

    3. Dana, thanks for stopping by! I've now updated my post and included a link to Wendy's site. Cheers!

  3. You do know how to enjoy a day out. Thank you for inviting me along. Lovely photos. I also like the sheep. They are going to need all that wool with winter coming on. Skipper has enough fat on him to get him through a Canadian winter.

  4. I love going to shows like that one. Bought a Christmas gift at a Market Day last weekend and was just itching to share it, as I thought its creator was so talented. I wonder if that church is still used for worship. It really is lovely.