Saturday, August 27, 2011

An afternoon in Ingersoll

I often tag along with Geoff when he's working on story or photo assignments. Today we were off to Ingersoll for Harvest Fest and, while Geoff was busy elsewhere, I strolled around Thames Street. I did a little shopping but also took a few photos.

Amanda Drabick was sitting outside of her shop, Fernlea Flowers, selling Fascinators she'd made. Her teen-aged daughter was kind enough to model one for me - doesn't it look great on her?!

One of the things I like about downtown areas is the presence of local businesses and their often intriguing signs. This one for Roberts & co. has real flair.

The murals and sign above Dorothee's Teens and Ladies Wear are very divergent styles and I'm sure there's a story behind each choice.


  1. Until we found our cabin up the lake, we thought we would probably move to downtown San Diego, California. I loved visiting there with all the downtown shops and nearby ocean. But I wouldn't trade my cabin for it now. - Margy

  2. Hard to believe we were enjoying such a beautiful day while on the East coast folks were battening down the hatches.

  3. Sounds like a lovely field trip. The window mural is very colorful and has a great composition!