Sunday, July 31, 2011

Will it be spoiled? - a dove update

On Wednesday, July 13th - a scant three days after the second of their chicks had fledged - our doves were back tending the nest again. This past Wednesday, two weeks to the day, was hatching day.

Early this morning the male flew off for a bit and I took the opportunity to climb a ladder to check the nest. For the first time in the four years the doves have been nesting here, there is only one chick. Here's a photo - with sincere apologies for the poor quality - of the "only child".

I wonder if it will be a spoiled brat? Doubtful - it will be kicked out of the nest in under two weeks, you can't do much spoiling in that short period of time.


  1. They are so very very helpless.

  2. Our barn swallows fledged a few weeks ago and Mom is already on the nest again. The kids refuse to leave the area and she and the male have been quite aggressive with the kids. They just can't take no for an answer. - Margy

  3. I think your picture is great!! It'll be fun seeing this only child grow up!

  4. How very sweet. In eternity he/she lives because of you.