Wednesday, July 13, 2011

They're back!

The Writer just called to say "Guess who's back." Yes, just 3 short days after the second chick fledged, the doves are back primping their nest in preparation for the next pair of eggs. They will likely spend a couple of days coming and going adding a few new twigs and then will settle in for incubation. Will keep you posted.


  1. Prolific pair aren't they?

  2. Yes,they are prolific! They've already had 6 chicks this season - 2 pairs on our neighbours window sill and 1 pair on ours. Two years ago they had 4 pairs at our place. They start early to mid March and give it up for the season after the last pair fledge in September. It takes about 4 1/2 weeks per pair of chicks. Roughly two weeks of incubation, two weeks in the nest after they hatch and then a gap of about 2-4 days before the adults are back at the nest with 2 more eggs. A typical brood is 2 - apparently singles and triplets are known historically but we haven't had any.

  3. Maybe it's not one another they've gotten attached to but YOU! :-)))

  4. Holy cow- those doves are busy!! ( they need a new hobby!) will be fun to watch your stories about the new family--

  5. I have so missed following the doves this year. We have many that peck about our yard, and every time I see one I wonder how your doves are doing. I came in last week and had to shut down before I could post, as we were leaving. looks like I came in at a good time.

    Beautiful photos. Sounds like the word is out that you are a safe house.

    Miss you. I have been sooo busy. Love to Gray and Geoff.