Monday, July 11, 2011

Canterbury Folk Festival, Ingersoll, Ontario - part 3

Sunday mornings at the Festival start with gospel music.

Jimmy Lee Howard comes to the festival via a round about route - he is originally from Texas but now lives in Newfoundland. Jimmy Lee has a wonderful knack for getting audience members to sing along with him.

The Canterbury Folk Festival could never happen without the tireless work of volunteers. Ted Comisky is probably the most visible face of the festival and he is also now the Mayor of Ingersoll. Ted is a well known musician in his own right - and he happens to be on the right in this next photo with (l-r Bob Breen, Jim Gondor & Ted)

The final act of the day and this year's festival was Valdy, seen here likely looking for a cup of caffeine as he'd travelled from from British Columbia on an overnight flight.

Performing with Valdy in the final set was Graham Wardrop from Christchurch, New Zealand and, as the world knows, Christchurch was hit by a devastating earthquake on February 22 of this year. Christchurch is home to another Canterbury Folk Festival and Ted Comisky, on behalf of the Board of Directors of the Ingersoll Canterbury Folk Festival gave Graham a donation of $1,000 to bring back to the Festival in Christchurch. Graham was beaming when he accepted the gift on behalf of the "sisterfest" in his home country.

As the afternoon and the festival wound down with Valdy singing crowd favorites, we wondered what next year's Festival will hold in store.
Kudos the the Festival Committee and volunteers for a job well done.


  1. So nice of them to make a donation to the New Zealand festival. We totally missed out on this years festival. The lure of motorcycles in Orangeville was too much for us.

  2. Elaine - this looks like such a wonderful good time - great music - and a gathering of a fun crowd - I would so enjoy a festival like this!