Saturday, June 4, 2011

Today at the feeders

Female and Male American Goldfinches (breeding plumage)
This is what our secret garden looks like at the moment. It becomes decidely more jungle-like as the season wears on. We live in the middle of a tri-plex, this space faces south so it gets lots of light and heat and then radiated heat from the brick later in the day. I'll try to remember to post a photo again next month. Right now there are shoots of Buddleia that are about 6 inches long - by the end of July they will stand about 6 feet tall. The little tree on the right grew from a stem of pussy willow planted about 9 years ago. Hmmmm, I really need to shape it up a bit...


  1. Gorgeous! What a nice view.

  2. Perfect gathering spot for hungry birds. I have a feeder on my mother's condo deck, but without the foliage it doesn't attract many birds. - Margy

  3. Elaine-
    I love your bird feeder - what a perfect little secret garden. Your special place is beautiful - the bird photo is fabulous! You have turned this into a lovely special place~~


  4. Love the idea of a secret garden!

  5. Elaine, thank you for visiting me today. I really appreciated the comment of encouragement that you left for me.

    Your secret garden is beautifully green....what a treasure of a place!