Thursday, June 9, 2011

Friday My Town Shoot Out - Flags

The theme for this week's Friday My Town Shoot Out is flags as June 14th will be Flag Day in the United States. 

Here in Canada, February 15th is Flag Day as February 15, 1965 was the day the Canadian Flag was inaugurated.  Prior to this date the Canadian Red Ensign was used, in various forms, dating back to 1868. 

In this first photo, the Canadian flag is in the middle and the Japanese flag is on the right.  These flags fly in front of the Hino Truck Plant here in Woodstock and the Japanese flag is flown as Hino is owned by Toyota. I believe the flag in the left, wrapped around the pole, is the Hino company flag.

This location is a sentimental favorite for me as I worked at this location a few years back when it was the home of General Seating of Canada (now defunct).
A lot of the car flags we see are connected to sports teams, especially during the Olympics, the World Cup and during the Stanley Cup playoffs. This one however is a provincial flag - the Fleur de Lys is the provincial flag of the province of Quebec.

Here in Woodstock the downtown business association flies flags to encourage people to shop, play and dine here in their hometown.

I was able to find an American flag alongside a Canadian flag in front of a local Microtel, which is a U.S. bases chain.

Another country that has a presence in our local economy is Ireland - the Kerry Group flies the Irish flag (left) along with the Canadian flag and the province of Ontario flag on the right.

The only flags I don't like to see flapping in the wind are ones that should have been retired from active duty a long time ago. Seriously.

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  1. thanks for your comment Elaine. yes, it is a powerful flag, pow mia. I like your third and fourth shots. the shop flag and the Canadian and American flag flying together.

  2. I enjoyed seeing your collection of flag photos, Elaine. It's surprising how many flags you see once you start looking for them! ;)

  3. Good flag finds! Although in case of the last photo "good" refers more to the picture than the flags ;)

  4. Some great shots Elaine. I love to see the US and Canada side by side. We need to be close friends to defend our side of the world. Blessing dear blogger friend.

  5. I like your photos. And the last photo made me smile. How come it is not change? Nobody dare to look up the flag? Hehehe. Happy weekend and thanks for the visit I do appreciate it!


  6. I agree with you about the flags that need to be retired. It makes me sad and seems disrespectful when people don't keep the flags they fly in the best condition possible. Great variety you have found, by the way! :)

  7. You found a great selection of flags, Elaine. I found a 'Sale' flag but it was in worse condition than the ones in your last shot. Like your Shop flag!

  8. Nice one Elaine. We dont tend to fly our flags anywhere near enough over here in the UK

  9. Love seeing all the lovely flags. There is just something about a flag- sometimes just seeing our National flag puts a lump in my throat. A great post Elaine.