Thursday, June 16, 2011

Friday My Town Shoot Out - Fishing

I didn't find anyone fishing this week but I do have two contrasting weather photos of people fishing here in Woodstock.
January 3 was a cold but snowless day and I found two hardy souls on the banks of the Thames River in the shadow of Pittock Dam. Not only were they bundled up for sitting in the cold to fish - look at the man on the bicycle - he's dressed for it too!

At the other end of the weather and clothing spectrum, I took this photo on the same stretch of river on July 1, 2010. I'm willing to bet though that the guys who were fishing in January were happy they didn't have to contend with mosquitos....


  1. Definitely two different versions of fishing in Ontario! Both shots tell a story.

  2. We're hot all year long, so I can always see people fishing all the time. Love that second shot !

  3. Lovely seasonal contrasts. I'd rather be the summer guy, though, even with the mosquitoes.

  4. You have a Thames river there in Woodstock? Cool. Now I don't have to fly all the way to England to see it!
    I remember how terrible the mosquitoes were in the northern US, and was surprised after moving to the NW that they don't really exist here. Nice.

  5. Fisherman are pretty die hard devoted no matter what the weather! Great contrast Elaine! Love all the beautiful green in the second photo.

  6. I love that second photo Elaine! so crisp and clear, and great colors.