Saturday, June 25, 2011

A drive in the country

This morning I drove to Stratford, which took me through the north part of Oxford County and into Perth County. This is an agricultural area of a great variety of animals and crops.

On Perth Line 33 I saw these lovely horses and met their owner who told the the horse on the left is about 30 years old!

On Perth Road 108 I found Alpaca Acres and this cute face.

And finally, on my way back home, I passed this glowing field of canola.
I hope that, wherever you are, you're having a wonderful weekend.


  1. Love the canola field....

  2. Looks like a trip I'd enjoy, Elaine. Alpacas do have such sweet faces, don't they? But I always stay well back in case they feel threatened and spit. The canola field is just beautiful.

  3. Hi Elaine
    That is a great picture of Danica Sue, she is a very inquisitive gal. Your very safe with our alpacas they only spit at each other for food fights or to let another know they have crossed the line. They are typically flighty like a deer. If your in our neighborhood again please stop by, I would love to share my alpaca passion.
    Ann Clayburn
    Alpaca Acres