Sunday, June 26, 2011

Big babies

Thanks to 3 intrepid guides, I had a mucky hike through the woods on a farm this morning to a nesting site of Great Blue Herons.

Luckily, two rather large chicks were visible enough next to their tree top nest for this shot.

Mosquito bites aside, it was a great walk in the woods.


  1. Defintely worth the tramp and the mosquitoes.

  2. I agree, worth the walk for the chance to take these amazing pictures!!

  3. We have several heron rookeries in Powell River. One almost got damaged when they started cutting trees at the recreation complex for a new track. All work stopped and the track was relocated. Good news is the chicks survived and the herons have returned this year to start it all over again. - Margy

  4. These were worth the mucky hike. Very nice photograph. The camera did a nice job shooting up into the sky like that. I use Canon EOS Digital Rebels. Ihave three of them. Sold one. I have two of them for sale on my blogs. The Canon XTi and the Canon SXi. Like them both but just got the new Canon T3i so I hope the sell one or two of the older models.

  5. Well - how cool to be able to take this photo - true nature! Sorry about the mosquitoe bites - but it is worth it for this geat shot!