Monday, May 9, 2011

Tonight on the trail - That's My World

It was another gorgeous day so I went for a walk in my world as soon as I got off work.

I found tiny violets,

a Jack in the Pulpit,

a burgundy Trillium

white Trilliums

a spread of May Apples - which should bloom soon,

an American Redstart hiding in the bushes

and finally, a pair of Canada Geese

How was your day?

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  1. Lovely sunny pictures!

  2. i love the sunshine in the 2nd and last photos. these are beautiful glimpses into your world.

  3. Oh, the wild trilliums, and wake Robins. i remember them well. Have tried to grow them under my trees, but so far no success. Lovely to come on your walk with you.

  4. Oh I love the little woodland flowers- especially the trilliums! Beautiful photos as always my friend! Love that you share your walks with us!

  5. Walks are getting more colourful aren't they. - Margy