Saturday, May 21, 2011

Today on the trail

This morning it was beautiful and quiet on the trail.

The Canada Geese were tending to their young.

A Balitmore Oriole was enjoying the sun.

Does anyone have a good guess as to what this bird is? I'm wondering if it's a Northern Mockingbird. Help?


  1. I so so so so enjoy your bird photos. Especially since the birds are so different from those I see daily. xx

  2. Love these Canada Geese shots. Love the first shot with the little duckling bottoms reflected in the water!

  3. How sweet are the Canada geese chicks. I'm guessing cousin Sara is right about the catbird as she seems to be our family expert. Is that a new one for your lifelist?

  4. Dear cousin, thank you for the Grey Catbird ID!

  5. Love the header with the Blood Root! The chicks are really sweet.