Sunday, May 8, 2011

Bird brains

Our Mourning Doves seem to have abandoned the nest again.  Sheesh!


  1. What will Gray do now he loved watching them. What does he recon on them going?

  2. Elaine I just read your camera choice in the side barr. I have just bought my first DSLR a Canon 350 I too like canon but I did get a Panasonic TZ8 compact for my birthday last year. I have only just discovered photography and get a lotof joy from it. XXX Don

  3. Mourning doves are such pretty, gentle birds...but I do wonder about them sometimes. :))

    FYI: I'm a Canon fan too. I use an XSI for much of my photography but I also have a small PowerShot A3100IS, which I call my "spy camera" because I can carry it in my coat pockets and take just about anywhere. :) In good light it takes very, very good photos.