Friday, April 1, 2011

There is hope

I've been antsy lately because the trail was flooded and then it was too wet to walk it. The last decent walk I had there was over a month ago and that day I slipped and did a face plant in the snow.

Today after work I decided I had to go check it out to see if it was walkable - and it was. It's quite brown and grey..........

........but looking closer, I found a skunk cabbage bud peeking out of a remaining patch of snow....

From April 2011

.......and this moss covered fallen tree that looks more like a giant lizard crawling out of the bog.

I also heard lots of different birds but most were too busy to stay still for photos. This female Downey Woodpecker did cooperate though.

I'm disappointed to report though that, after a brief sighting of one of our nesting Mourning Doves on the evening of March 22nd, we haven't seen any further activity. Will update if they reappear.


  1. You know, I was just thinking of your face plant today and hoping that you weren't taking any unnecessary chances these days.
    As far as your doves go, we have had a couple of those pin headed little numbers hanging around our place all week. If I could ship them to you I would.

  2. Hi, I'm doing the A to Z challenge this month and someone who visitied my blog pointed me in the direction of yours! (I am also a Newfoundlander, land locked in southern Ontario!)

    Thought I would drop by and say hello. You have some great pictures posted

  3. I'm glad you're able to get back to your trail...but it's too bad about the Mourning Doves. :-( Please come by and visit my backyard some time...and bring your camera instructions. I can use all the help I can get!! :-)

  4. Elaine- you always find something lovely to photograph along this trail. So glad to see little touches of spring peeking out!

  5. Sorry to hear about your face plant, but glad you weren't more seriously hurt! I love going for walks on trails, and am itching to get back out, too! Lovely spring pictures...

  6. It's beautiful! Прекрасные фотографии!