Saturday, April 23, 2011

Split personality or mistaken identity???

We were beginning to wonder if we had a Dove with a split personality. Whenever it disappeared from our window ledge, we'd find it/one on a nest on our next door neighbour's ledge. We really thought it was one bird splitting time between two nests.

Case in point: when we got up this morning our Dove was gone but there was one next door. I took the opportunity to put the ladder on the veranda and get a shot of the poor, wee (1-1.2"), lonely egg.

I have serious doubts about the viability of this egg as there's been no nest constructed - usually they at least throw a few twigs on the ledge - the only thing on the ledge besides the egg is odd bits of Dove poop.

Late this afternoon I revised my opinion from split personality to mistaken identity as we finally found a Dove on each ledge at the same time. Now I'm thinking that we just have poor parenting skills at work here. Normally the male would sit on the nest daytime and the female at night. Maybe we have a single mother here......


  1. For goodness sake, what a haphazard way to raise a family. Do you suppose she was overcome with egg unexpectedly?

  2. Oh- so sad--
    I know all about that poor parenting skills thing- it's my life here at work ( don't let me get started on this!) I'm crossing my fingers for this little egg--

  3. I love the dove updates! Let me know if the egg hatches.