Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A drive in the country


  1. I love the sky in the barn shot.
    I am using a Canon Powershot SX10IS. I have yet to explore all of its features but I really like the fact that it has a stabilizer. So far the only annoying thing is that the dang lens cap doesn't want to stay on.

  2. Elaine-
    I think I rememer that barn when it was snow covered! What a beautiful red barn - the photo has a vintage look and I love the peacefulness of the setting. Lovely~~


  3. Always love your barns, Elaine. This one is no exception. There's a lovely, peaceful quality to your second shot that I really like.

  4. I love the barn, you have some gorgeous buildings over there. The tree shot is gorgeous as well. I just noticed the trees around us have gone from bud to full leaf in a few days.XXX Don