Friday, April 22, 2011

Dove update

So far we're having an on again, off again nesting season with our resident Mourning Doves.  Our first sighting of one on the window sill over our front door was over a month ago and then nothing for about three weeks.  Then the occasional visit.  Then last Sunday we saw two of them doing the horizontal tango on the window sill.

Since Thursday we've had one sitting up there for several hours at a time.  This pleased Gray so much that we moved his bird watching chair from his kitchen window bird watching spot to his Dove watching spot in the front hall. 

But then out of the blue the Dove disappears for a couple of hours for a walkabout (or flyabout). So this morning, when the bird flew the coop I got the ladder out and took a peek - lo and behold there's an egg up there! But I'm thinking it cannont be good parenting to take off willy-nilly and leave the egg unproteced like that. sheesh!

Will keep y'all posted, I'll try to channel the spirit of Marlon Perkins of Wild Kingdom. Later!


  1. Silly pin headed things that they are, they probably need parenting lessons. Great shot of Gray at attention. No picture of the egg?

  2. I'm so glad the Mourning Doves have returned and look forward to once again following their parenthood progress. Hopefully flighty parent will remember her duty.

  3. Love the composition in this photo.