Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Viva Las Vegas - part 3, the rest of the story

To round out the Las Vegas story I'll share more sights from around the Strip.

The Lobby of Caesers Palace


Penn and Teller signing autographs for fans in the lobby after their show at The Rio

A giant (freakishly HUGE) bunny in Crystals at CityCenter

Homage to Seigfried and Roy in front of the Mirage

The volcano show at the Mirage


  1. I love Las Vegas but haven't been there in years. Back when I worked in LA I went at least once a year to a technology conference, sometimes twice. It was a bit tricky explaining that I would "work" while I was there, but that's the big place for technology activities. Education organizations aren't as liberal as private sector businesses I guess. - Margy

  2. Elaine - the Vegas pictures are incredible! You captured all that Vegas is about - perfectly! That bunny is SOMETHING!! Love the volcano - I have to go and see it every time we go there! So glad you had a great trip!