Saturday, February 19, 2011

Tagging along

Today Geoff had scheduled a couple of photo shoots for one of his agricultural writing assignments so I tagged along for the drive in the country - it was too windy and cold to do much walking today - trust me on this.

So, I captured him at work -

and a couple of drive-by farm shots

a charming farmhouse peak

and I made another 4 legged friend

Can't you tell how cold and windy it was by the look on this sweet face?


  1. Love your drive by shots. Oh, but it does look cold. Your new friend looks a bit dejected about the cold. Look how he is hunkering down, and looking sad. Yet you can still see that he has a happy nature. You must have enjoyed that outing!

  2. Ahhhhhhhh! Yes, you can see how cold it was...but he's so cute when he's cold!! ^_^

  3. Oh Elaine - that sweet puppy - she was bracing against the wind wasn't she! Beautiful farm scapes - as always. (Fun seeing your hubby at work also!) Great that you take these wintery walks together~~


    ps - seriously - loved the doggie!

  4. Don't you love drives like that? Looks like it was fun for you. I love Golden Retrievers! Such lovely dogs.

  5. Beautiful country! And such a kissable pooch!