Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Searching for Bridget

Hello out there!

In February 2009 I did a blog post entitled "Under the Lights" - at the time I asked if anyone knew anything about an artist by the name of Eric Dwyer who did a mural painting on the wall of Mel's one of our local fish and chips shops.

Yesterday, almost two years later I received a comment on that post from a woman named Bridget who indicated that Eric Dwyer was her grandfather!

It was really exciting to learn this and I'm hoping that Bridget will get in touch with me by email (elaine489@gmail.com) so that I can learn more about her grandfather. Please Bridget, drop me a line when you have a spare moment.


  1. Vicki here - (sorry I'm not Bridget!) - but I just wanted to say that it is amazing how life works out like that - what a surprise to have happen almost 2 years later! Cool!


  2. Good luck in your search for more info on the artist, Elaine.