Saturday, January 22, 2011

More Eric R. Dwyer art

A couple of days ago I posted an appeal to a woman named Bridget who had just commented on one of my blog entries from February 2009, to please email me. Bridget doesn't appear to be a blogger so I don't have a surefire way to contact her.

The post in question was titled "Under the Lights" and I featured a mural painted by one "Eric R. Dwyer" in 1952 in a local Woodstock eatery called Mel's Fish and Chips.

The staff said that legend has it that a young man painted the mural to help pay for his travels and moved on when he was done.

When Bridget left a comment she said that Eric Dwyer was her grandfather and that he ended up living and working as a sign painter and commercial artist in the U.S.

Bridget, I'm crossing my fingers that you'll drop by this blog again as I have new photos of two more paintings your grandfather completed at Mel's. All three paintings are still in great condition.

This one appears to be of a fisherman mending his nets. This is painted directly on the wall near the cash counter at Mel's.

The other painting is a framed one of a mounted RCMP officer.

So, Bridget if you've just finished reading this post, please contact me by email, I'd love to learn more about your grandfather.
You can reach me at:


  1. I hope you find your Bridgett Elaine. The pictures are certainly lovely! What a great story!

  2. I hope she sees your post! Her grandfather was a wonderful artist!

  3. Hi Elaine,

    Thank you for posting more pictures. I just e-mailed you. I would be happy to tell you what I can.