Sunday, December 5, 2010

Not a run of the mill morning

I went for a walk this morning to take some wintery photos and I had varying degrees of success. I was teased by a Great Blue Heron that had a talent for taking off everytime I got within 200ft of it. No photos of the Heron.
There were lots of Mallards on the creek and the river.

Then I realized I wouldn't be able to do the full loop as part of the trail was under water and ice - my winter shoes weren't up to the task.

As I turned around to head back to the car I stopped in a spot where I often see lots of small birds - chickadees, nuthatches etc. But today I saw something I've been hoping to see for awhile. Something other walkers tell me they've seen on this trail.
Isn't she beautiful?

A White-tailed Deer.


  1. So pretty...much better than the heron.

  2. Lucky you to see a deer. great picture. I also see you have snow...ours is all gone and none in the near forecast.

  3. Awwww! She IS beautiful!! How great that you were able to get such a nice photo of her too!!...I guess that just because there's one stop in the road doesn't mean ALL is bad! :-)

  4. I love it! When I got to the last photo of the deer, that was good. They are so pretty.