Sunday, December 19, 2010

musings of an idle cat

This box is a nice place to sit but there doesn't seem to be much going on.....

hmmmmm, what's this? A piece of wood haning on a string??!

It's Goofy on skis!

Look, I can make him spin!

well, that was fun while it lasted but I prefer my ususal perch


  1. What a sweetie. Give him/her a big scritchie under the chin for me.

  2. Oh what a sweetie! It is great that she goes off and leaves it alone too!

  3. I believe Gray is bored and is hoping Santa brings him something new to play with.

  4. My Pandemonium could undecorate a tree in just minutes. Go, Gray!

  5. Its good Gray just investigates , I remember Mog as a kitten had to climb the tree at least once a day and when at the top hang onto the wallpaper before leaping off the wall into the tree again. Thanks for my card it arrived Friday. XXX Don

  6. How adorable is this - love your sweet kittie! We love kitties too at our house. YOur tree is lovely - Merry Christmas friend~~