Saturday, November 20, 2010

Visit Vicki's blog for another contest

Please take the time to stop by Vicki's blog "Two Bags Full" for a wonderful post about a Shaker Village and for an opportunity to win a Vera Bradley bag.

Vicki also has an Etsy Shop where she is currently selling "upcycled sweater cowls" - check it out. Here's an example -


  1. A compliment from you - about MY photography - is the cats meow for sure! Thank you for that. I dont think it is my talent - it was just a great day for taking pictures - somedays you just get lucky!

    Thanks for the link to my blog! (Where oh where is that nest - if "she" took off on a side trip of some sort - this Mama Knitter is going to give her what for! You tell her to write her Mama Knitter as soon as she gets to your house!)


  2. I saw and commented on her blog a while back. It has gorgeous photos!!!

  3. I loved the pictures and the baby is so sweet. How you doing? I have been rubbish but getting better now. XXX Don